Saskatchewan Roughriders boast QB tandem, not controversy

The Saskatchewan Roughriders boast a QB tandem, not controversy. Glenn will start Friday against Redblacks, Bridge stands ready

Glenn will start Friday against Redblacks, Bridge stands ready

Kevin Glenn's leash was short in Saturday's game in Toronto, getting pulled in favour of backup Brandon Bridge. (THE CANADIAN PRESS)

Saskatchewan Roughrider fans may love to debate quarterback controversies (see J.J. Barnagel, Burgess-Austin) but the Riders' boss is not about to throw fuel on the fire nor even suggest there's a flicker of one.

"He's (Kevin Glenn) our starting quarterback and we'll see where he takes us and go from there." stated Chris Jones following Tuesday's closed practice at Mosaic Stadium.

The question is being asked after the Glenn-led offence struggled out of the gate for the second game in a row.

However unlike the game in Ottawa where Glenn was allowed to work the offence out of a rut, the Riders 38-year-old signal caller was pulled in the second quarter of Saturday's game in Toronto with the Riders trailing 13-3.

"It's not the first time that's ever happened to me." said Glenn on Tuesday, three days after completing three of eight passes for 29 yards against the Argos.

"It would be different if I was a rookie and that was the first time it ever happened and I don't know what to think about it and everything,  I've been through it before so it doesn't really bother me."

"I've been through it before so it doesn't really bother me." said Riders' quarterback Kevin Glenn said after getting the hook in Saturday's game in Toronto. (Glenn Reid/CBC)

Pushed on the matter further, Jones turned it on the reporters.

"Well let me ask you this, here's the thing I think is important, how many games would we have won without him (Glenn) early in the season?" 

Before the collective minds of the media could tabulate the correct response, Jones jumped in again with a smile on his face.

"He threw for about 70-something per cent and was very efficient running our offence in bad situations, we were still able to handle it because of his experience and his calmness."

"He's (Kevin Glenn) our starting quarterback and we'll see where he takes us and go from there." said Riders' head coach Chris Jones after practice on Tuesday. (Glenn Reid/CBC)

On Saturday in Toronto, Brandon Bridge came off the bench to rally the Riders from a 13 point deficit, throwing two touchdown passes in leading Saskatchewan to a 27-24 victory.

Jones said Glenn, despite getting the hook, put on his coaching hat to help out his backup.

"He is such a team guy, he could put everything aside and be the leader he has been his entire career that when I decided to put Brandon Bridge in the game, He's (Glenn) standing right there next to his guy and coaching him."

Rather than pitting one quarterback against the other, the Riders' are pushing the tandem angle, a luxury not every team can say they have.

"A lot of teams are not necessarily in the same situation, those are two very good quarterbacks and Vernon (Adams) is a very good third who can do some multiple things, we're in a good situation."

Calling himself more of a technician-type-quarterback, Glenn described Bridge as a quarterback who can extend drives with his physical ability.

Glenn bristled when asked if there's more pressure on him to produce because his leash is seemingly shorter.

"We are in a pressure situation as it is, we're in a business of wins, we have to win." said Glenn.

And if that means inserting Bridge in a relief type scenario, that is the coach's decision and Glenn stands by it.

Canadian born quarterback Brandon Bridge came off the bench in Toronto to lead the Riders to a 27-24 victory over the Argos. (Glenn Reid/CBC)

As for Bridge, he relishes the reliever's role comparing it to a bullpen in baseball.

"Pedro Martinez was very well known for that, I think he won a world series or two, I don't mind that." said Bridge already visualizing that scenario in a Grey Cup game in the not too distant future.

It worked for 1989 Riders, why not 2017?