This 2007 Saskatchewan Roughriders Grey Cup ring - in its display case - is for sale on the classified-ad internet site Kijiji. A similar listing is also on eBay. ((Kijiji Regina))

An unknown seller has placed a piece of Saskatchewan's pro football history up for auction or immediate sale on the internet.

A 2007 Saskatchewan Roughriders Grey Cup championship ring is currently listed for the taking on eBay.

At 2 p.m. CST Monday, there were zero bids on the item, which has a starting price of $7,000.

It can also be purchased immediately for $10,500, the listing said.

The description of the item calls the ring "authentic," having been worn by a player from the 2007 championship team who played the entire season and playoffs. The player's name is not given.

According to the description, the 10-carat white gold ring is studded with about 77 diamonds and three small emeralds. It weighs about 54 grams, the seller — identified as a Toronto-based eBay user — said.

"The words 'believe,' 'now is our time' and 'Grey Cup Champions' appear on the ring, with both the team names and the final score of the game," the seller said.

There are no pictures attached to the eBay listing to corroborate that the item exists or which player it belongs to.

The only image available is a stock photo of a 'Riders Grey Cup ring.

Last week, a similar listing for a 2007 Roughriders Grey Cup ring went up on classified-advertising website Kijiji.

"Its the real deal. Price and payment method to be negotiated," the ad said.

Notable differences are that the seller on Kijiji claims to be from Regina, and accompanying photos appear to show the actual ring.

A Roughriders spokesperson said he had not heard anything about the pending sale or auction.