Saskatchewan fans are gearing up for a chilly West Division semifinal game at Mosaic Stadium Sunday. 

The Roughriders need to get past the B.C. Lions to make it into the final next week. 

According to Environment Canada temperatures are expected to dip down to -14 C at the 3:30 p.m. CST kick-off time with winds gusting at 20 km/h. 

CBC News asked fans how they were going to stay warm in the stands. 

Brandy Melnechenko in Regina had some good advice. 

"Ski pants, winter pants, winter milts, snowboarding gear, bring blankets, bring seat pads and that's about the only way you can stay warm," she says.  

"Don't just wear your sweater," she adds. "We come to a lot of game and see people in bunnyhugs and and think, 'Wow that is cold.'"   

Denise Posein agrees, "Blankets, blankets and lots of people."