Roca Jack's on 13th Ave. in Regina to close

A familiar coffee shop in Regina's trendy Cathedral neighbourhood, Roca Jack's, is closing at the end of January.
The owners of Roca Jack's in Regina are closing the 13th Avenue coffee shop at the end of January. (Google )

A familiar coffee shop in Regina's trendy Cathedral neighbourhood, Roca Jack's, is closing at the end of January.

The shop, which was originally downtown, has been on 13th Avenue for about 10 years.

Excerpt of Facebook Message from Roca Jack's manager:

Roca Jack's is going to be closing it's doors at the end of January. It has had a good run, but it's location doesn't have enough parking for it to be a grab-and-go, and it's limited size does not allow for it to grow any further. This, combined with Buy The Book closing it's doors, will certainly change things up in the Cathedral Neighbourhood but there are some exciting things in the works as well. I am sliding across the street to The Celadon Lounge in The Artesian where I will be mixing grown up drinks for all y'all to enjoy! Also there is the new Starbucks, and the water filter place that definitely need the local support... Please come in this month for a drink, and a chat, but try to remember that the staff might be a little emotional about all of this, and that they have probably already been overwhelmed with a million questions about the close. They would all probably prefer cheery convos about the beautiful weather, or how dry everyone's elbows are. Thanks for your support!

- Neil McDonald

Neil McDonald, the manager of Roca Jack's, said Thursday that the decision to close had been brewing for a while. Part of the reason was because the business did not have enough parking for coffee buyers who simply wanted to pick up a beverage.

He said the location is fine, but the space — room for about a dozen patrons — is too small to generate enough business, especially as fixed costs have risen.

McDonald said they are on the hunt for a new location.

He said most of their customers are regulars from the business community along 13th Avenue and nearby Albert Street.


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