Two men have pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and have been given life sentences for killing Rob Vicente in 2010.

Darak Andrew More and Devin Riel Joseph Schmidt entered their pleas in a Regina court on Friday.

Court heard that More and Schmidt lured Vicente, 25, to a gas station in Davidson, Sask., a community on Highway 11 about midway between Regina and Saskatoon in the early hours of Oct. 10, 2010.

The goal of the two, court heard, was to steal Vicente's car stereo system.

The three drove around the area for a time, eventually ending up in a field.

Vicente had fallen asleep in the car. Court heard that after the vehicle came to a stop, the car door was opened and Schmidt shot Vicente two times in the head.

The victim's body was moved to another rural area where he was shot a third time, in the back.

Vicente's family was present in court as the case proceeded and appeared visibly upset.

The judge on the case was also presented with 25 victim impact statements.

The two were sentenced to life in prison. Parole-eligibility for the shooter, Schmidt, was set at 20 years. The parole-eligibility for More, was set at 15 years.

Pam Vicente, the victim's mother, expressed qualified satisfaction with the outcome.

"We are glad that the offenders will have a life sentence," she said. "That they would have to apply for parole before they can be released [however] it's hard to feel okay with offenders being convicted with second-degree murder when we know it was first-degree."

More, 22, is from Saskatoon. Schmidt, 20, is from Fort Qu'Appelle.

Vicente, who is from Bladworth, was last seen at a Davidson gas station around 3 a.m. His burned-out car was discovered near the community two days later, on the same day a missing person report was made.


Rob Vicente's car was found burned, in a rural area not far from Davidson. (RCMP)

After several months of searching, police found Vicente's remains on a rural property near Davidson.

The investigation continued and Schmidt and More were eventually charged with first-degree murder.

Court heard Friday that after the shooting, More and Schmidt returned to bury the victim in a shallow grave.