Road collapse in Regina

A crew was working at this road construction site on Victoria Avenue at Broad Street when the roadway structure started to collapse. (Adrian Cheung/CBC)

The City of Regina closed Victoria Avenue to eastbound traffic at Broad Street on Monday after the road started to collapse.

The city said on its Facebook page that a contractor doing work on Victoria found that the road structure was collapsing. 

The city said while that section of the major thoroughfare is closed, traffic will be detoured to 12th Avenue.

It was later determined that the road collapse was linked to a water main leak.

Traffic at the intersection was already congested because of work being done in the area.

Darin Lanigan, who lives in the area, said the condition of the intersection is an ongoing source of frustration.

"This block is always chewed up," Lanigan said. "In the spring, in the fall, whenever."