Rural municipalities in the Prince Albert area are seeking frunding from the province to help with damage from last week's storm.

Several rural municipalities in the Prince Albert area are looking to the province for help in fixing the damage caused by last week's storm.

Rural municipalities are applying for funding from the Provincial Disaster Assistance Program, said Norma Sheldon, the reeve of the RM of Prince Albert.

People affected by the storm are hoping the province will assist with the cost of fixing or replacing their properties.

"We will work together and get through this," said Sheldon.  "People will be in various stages of shock and grieving based on what they've gone through. We just need to pull together as a community."

The storm has destroyed buildings, hurled grain bins for large distances and caused flooding on some properties, she said.  

Several other rural municipalities including Garden River and Buckland, are also applying for funding.

Sheldon said those who are seeking compensation can contact the RM's office for help with the details.