Council members with the Rural Municipality of Sherwood have been debating the future of an 800-acre development called Wascana Village, but nothing final has been decided..

The plan, announced several years ago, was to build a community for 14,000 people southeast of Regina.

However, the plan hit some snags along the way.

On Wednesday members of the RM council considered their options, but after several hours the matter was tabled for a future meeting of the RM.

That leaves the development awaiting next steps.

"If first reading is granted then the next step would be [to] advertise a public hearing, hear from land owners, ratepayers, the developer. Then council gives consideration to 2nd and 3rd reading thereafter," Ron McCullough, from the RM, explained.

However, if the RM council decides to repeal bylaws relating to the project, Wascana Village would be back to square one. That means the development would have to start the process over again.

"The developer would have to re-submit ... a fulsome concept plan meeting our expectations and the province's expectations," McCullough said. "Then, that is vetted through stake holders and council for approval."

The village included plans to build homes, two elementary schools, a high school, a seniors home, three lakes and a toboggan hill.

Ontario-based Great Prairie Development Corp. is the main player behind the project.

The entire development was estimated to take eight to 13 years to complete.