The newest addition to the Saskatchewan Roughriders, defensive lineman Alex Hall, was on the Mosaic Stadium field for the first time today.

"It feels good," Hall said. "These guys here have been working hard. It's already a good, established team here. I'm just looking to come in and contribute."

Hall was traded to Saskatchewan from Winnipeg on Sunday in exchange for non-import offensive lineman Patrick Neufeld and a 2015 fourth-round pick. The Riders also received a 2014 second-round draft pick.

"I was a little bit surprised as people were telling me it was on Twitter and stuff like that," Hall said. "They (Winnipeg general manager Kyle Walters) told me the day after the game, so that's when I knew it was for sure. I just had to get my head together and get ready to move and come to a team that's about winning."

Hall currently leads the CFL with 15 sacks. Most people are calling this a 'rental' deal for the Roughriders, as Hall is expected to attend NFL tryouts next season.

"Like I said, we'll see," Hall said. "A lot of decisions to be made. I'm here to continue what I've been doing already in this league that makes an impact."

"To come into a situation like this - a winning team that's going into the playoffs - challenging for a Grey Cup, that's a big deal."

Saskatchewan head coach Corey Chamblin said Hall gives his team one more play maker, but said he will continue to deploy a defensive line rotation between Hall, John Chick and Ricky Foley.

"We know what he can do," Chamblin said. "He's done a good job over his career and hopefully he can do a good job for us."