Rider fans might be surprised to find security tightened up from now on. (Canadian Press)

People hoping to bring drinks into Saskatchewan Roughrider home games could find tighter security this season.

Security is being stepped up and staff will be checking bags at the gates.

Gregg Sauter, the vice president of marketing for the Canadian Football League team, said it's not that the rules are changing, it's just that they're being enforced more rigorously.

The club wants to make sure nobody is bringing in any beverages, except for sealed water bottles.

"You can bring in as many bottles of water as you like, just try and keep them unopened," he said.

"We're pretty good about that, but we will be doing more bag checks, just making sure things that aren't supposed to be in aren't coming in."

The Riders' home opener is tonight against the Calgary Stampeders.