Kenton Keith was allegedly involved in an early morning brawl at a nightclub on July 2. ((Troy Fleece/Canadian Press))

With two high-profile players facing criminal charges, the Saskatchewan Roughriders are developing a code of conduct for players.

The Roughriders' Kenton Keith and former player Trevis Smith are facing charges of assault.

Team president and CEO Jim Hopson said Wednesday hehopes to present the proposed policy to the board in August.

Roughriders chairman Graham Barker proposed the idea of a player code of conduct following Smith's arrest in October 2005. The former linebacker was charged with aggravated sexual assault after he allegedly had unprotected sex with women without disclosing that he has HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

Smith, whose contract with the Riders was not renewed, is slated to be tried on the charges in the fall.

More recently, running back Keith was charged with aggravated assault after he was allegedly involved in an early morning brawl at a nightclub on July 2. Keith was released on bail Wednesday and is expected back in court in Aug. 2. His lawyer, Kevin Lang, maintains that his client did nothing wrong.

'"I think that what you're going to find is that Mr. Keith is a victim himself," he said.

The maximum penalty for a conviction of aggravated assault is 14 years in prison.

The Roughriders left Regina on Thursday for a Friday game against the B.C. Lions.

Despite the assault charge, Roughriders head coach Danny Barrett said Keith will be in the lineup Friday.

"Offensively there are not a whole lot of things you can do in a short week," said Barrett. "You look at trying to get another guy ready. . .and really that was what the determining factor was."

Barrett dismissed the notion that Keith's off-field problems would be a distraction to the team.

"We sat down, we talked and he's ready to play," said Barrett. "His focus is on the game and being part of the team.

"There's more to the story than what's there and in due time that will be presented."

With files from CBC Saskatchewan and the Canadian Press