Saskatchewan Roughriders fans were abuzz this week with rumours the Grey Cup winning CFL team might move from Regina to Saskatoon.

So far, it's the talk of coffee row, but little more. The Riders organization says they don't know anything about it.

But the story picked up steam after the head of the Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce was asked about it on a radio show Thursday morning.

There are different versions of the story in circulation, one being that the Riders would stay where there are and Saskatoon would become home to the province's second Canadian Football League team. There's also talk about a 30,000-seat stadium connected to a condo development.

Later in the day, Saskatoon Mayor Don Atchison was being asked about the possibility of Saskatoon hosting the team, which was the toast of the province last November after beating the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the Grey Cup.

Atchison says it's a big dream, but there are some big questions that go along with it, including those relating to a stadium.

"The important part of your question is 'if,'" Atchison told reporters. "It's monumental because, first of all, we'd have to find out how much it was all going to cost, where was it going to be built, who was going to build it, who was going to operate it."

Not surprisingly, fan reaction to a potential move to Saskatoon varied depending on where the question was asked.

"That's a good idea," said Saskatoon's Myles Bolton. "Saskatoon's a better city."

"That's horrible. They shouldn't do that," said Regina's Scott Cutting. "It's a good place for them to be here. It's the capital. They should be here."

"That'd be interesting to say the least," said Brent Magnus of Regina. "As a season ticket holder, I'd hate to see it."

Not all people in Regina are dead set against the idea, however.

"As a Rider fan, I think it's a Saskatchewan team, not necessarily a Regina team," said Steve Schultz. "It's all over the province and if they can build better facility for the game I think that would be good."