Darian Durant

Saskatchewan Roughriders quarterback Darian Durant found himself at the centre a controversy this week after tweeting a vulgar insult to a fan who criticized him. (CBC)

After being fined by the CFL and being at the centre of an online storm, Riders quarterback Darian Durant appears to have found a silver lining.

He turned massive interest in a vulgar Twitter outburst into support for a charity to find winter coats for under-privileged children  

On Wednesday, the league fined Durant for hurling an f-bomb at a fan who criticized him for not running more.

As is the CFL's usual policy, it didn't say how big the fine was.

Durant was back on Twitter Thursday, saying that people who want to donate could go to his home page.

On that page, there was this message: "I've received a lot [of] messages from Rider fans wanting to donate to pay the fine I received. I appreciate and thank Ridernation for all of their support, but I would much rather you donate to Geroy Simon's Coats For Kids initiative."

Durant said all donations would be presented to teammate Simon just before the Oct. 12 home game against Edmonton.

Sandy Wankel, who runs the Coats for Kids program through the North Central Family Centre said she was grateful. 

"We're just looking at the positive," she said. "We're just very thankful for Darian Durant and all the Roughrider organization for picking out kids and picking this community to share their warmth with this winter."