For years, diehard Rider fans have been sporting watermelon helmets. (File/CBC)

A B.C.-based fan of the Saskatchewan Roughriders is seeing red — and green — after his beloved watermelon helmet was seized at a football game last week.

Ryan Lacey and his buddies were about to enter the stadium at Empire Field in Vancouver on Friday when he realized they'd have to leave their fruity headgear behind.

For years, watermelon helmets have been a mainstay at Mosaic Stadium in Regina, but it's a different story in Vancouver, Lacey learned.

"There's been a directive. No watermelon helmets allowed at the game," said Lacey, a former Regina resident. "We smashed them right in front of the security guard. They didn't like that, but what could we do?"

Lacey said he's been told officials were worried rowdy Rider fans might chuck their helmets, although he said that's unlikely.

More likely, he said, is that Lions were trying to quiet down Riders' supporters.

The B.C. Lions ended up defeating the Riders 24-11.

Lacey said he hopes officials will change their minds and he'll try a watermelon helmet again the next time he's at a Riders-Lions game.

"It's a fun thing to do," he said.