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Jeffrey Straker is asking anyone with information about his stolen laptop to contact him. (CBC)

Jeffery Straker says he was sick to his stomach when he returned home to a front door that was forced open revealing a house emptied of many of his electronic gadgets.

Among the missing items were his laptop and backup hard drive, containing 55 new songs he was still working on.

"It's like probably the most important work I've created as an artist is now in someone else's hands," Straker said Saturday. "I can't put a value on it."

The loss is a nightmare, he added. 

Straker said he's had a particularly creative year, and has worked alongside and collaborated with many musicians across the country. He said what's missing could account for thousands of hours of his work, though he's not sure it could be of any use to a thief. 

"The only person that it's really useful to at this point is me, there's nothing else on that thing that's useful to anybody. So for that reason, I'd really love to get it back. I'm really the only one who can do anything with that content," he said. 

Reward details

The musician initially offered a $500 reward to anyone who can return his laptop and hard drive to him, but that number quickly rose. Straker told CBC Sunday a fan from Prince Albert reached out and offered to match his reward, adding another $500. 

By Monday morning, more fans had pitched in and the total reward had reached $3,000. 

He's hoping if anyone has more information, they will send an email to