Residents of the Rural Municipality of Buckland, north of Prince Albert, are having a terrible time of things as they face flooding woes for the third time in less than three years.

"It's heartbreaking, it's devastating," Laura Mercia, one RM resident, told CBC News Thursday as she surveyed the damage caused by water. "It's your home and you're doing everything you can to protect it but you can't control Mother Nature."

Mercia's home was near to the Shell River. Now, because of high water levels, the river flows right through her front yard.

Mercia and her family have been tending to pumps on the property nonstop lately. Emergency Management and Fire Safety crews set up large water bags as barriers to protect the home. It is up to friends and family to pump out any water that seeps in.

"Mostly it's my dad and I," Mercia said. "We're here during the night. Him and I are up all night long, and you know, you don't sleep. Like now, it's been three days and no sleep."

Despite their best efforts, her basement is flooded and the foundation has been damaged.

"Last night about three o'clock it went over the berm. It's gone over our water bags, there's just no stopping it and it keeps coming," Mercia said.

After two other episodes with water, the most recent during the spring melt, Mercia believes provincial and local officials should be more active in finding lasting solutions to the problem.

"There needs to be some action," she said. "There needs to be some answers and some solutions - and not Band-Aid fixes.  It needs to be permanent fixes out here."

So far, this year, much of the activity in the RM has been emergency sandbagging by provincial crews and the Buckland Fire Department.

Recent rain in the area has only made the situation more challenging.