Saskatoon's police chief Russell Sabo will be back at work on Monday after the results of an independent investigation into a complaint by a member of his staff were released late Thursday.

Sabo has spent more than eight weeks on paid leave during a harassment investigation triggered when a complaint was made by his executive assistant Gwen Findlater. The investigator's report says there were some incidents that crossed the line.

The police commission says it's willing to give Sabo a chance to correct his behaviour.

Findlater publicly identified herself on Thursday afternoon and talked about the impact of Sabo's behaviour toward her.

"This has affected me emotionally, physically. It's affected my family," she said.

The investigation report says that out of the 42 incidents that were examined, five of them were harassment and four of those directly involved Findlater.

Incidents include Sabo picking a bit of fuzz from Findlater's hair, sniffing her perfume, and a comment about wearing a t-shirt to bed.

The report says Findlater was also feeling insecure about her job and complained Sabo was taking away some of her duties.

The report also says this was more a problem of poor communication. It says Sabo was within his right to change Findlater's duties, but that he handled the changes in a "less than a sensitive manner."

The police commission chair Leanne Bellegarde-Daniels says Sabo is willing to make changes.

"Certainly the chief recognizes that the impact of his actions and the discomfort it may cause others is something he must clearly address," she says.

Meanwhile, Findlater says her lawyer has advised her not to comment on the decision. Sabo is expected to publicly apologize for his actions sometime on Friday.