Connaught school will be replaced, Regina board of education says. (CBC)

Regina's public school board has released a report recommending Connaught Community School be closed at the end of the school year due to its structural condition.

The board tabled the report at a meeting Tuesday night.

An engineering company began inspecting and monitoring the historical building in 2010. It states in the report that the building is significantly damaged and continues to deteriorate. 

The building would need major repairs to stay open, which would be very costly, said JC Kenyon Engineering Inc.

Rene Dumont, the chair of a group fighting to keep the school open called Save Our Connaught Heritage, said Tuesday said the group isn't giving up yet.

"Their estimates are based on a company that builds new buildings," said Dumont. "They've never talked to, as far as I know, any companies that specialize in repairing heritage buildings."

Dumont said he thinks a second opinion of the building's condition is needed. 

"We need to have some measurements done so that we knew exactly how much the walls are moving if they are," he said. "Still they are completely arbitrary, all they're talking about is millimetres of cracks. We'd like to have our own experts go in to give us a report."

The full report is available on the school board's website.

The board is holding a press conference 10 a.m. CST Wednesday to discuss the findings.