A Métis veteran from Saskatchewan is set to make history today.

Alex Maurice, from Beauval, Sask., will read the "Act of Remembrance" at the national Remembrance Day ceremony in Ottawa. 

He will be reading the poem in Michif — a language unique to Métis people in Western Canada. It will mark the first time the poem has been read at the national ceremony in an aboriginal language.

"I felt privileged to have this phone call from Royal Canadian Legion and the official letter. Basically, it's not for me. It's basically honouring and respecting all veterans, not just aboriginals but all veterans," said Maurice. 

Maurice will read the poem with Korean War veterans and aboriginal veterans. 

Traditionally, the poem is read in English and French.     

"Veterans, you know, are of all ethnicities. At the same time, yes, it is an honour. And it's finally come forward and recognizing that Métis veterans — we exist." said Maurice, who added veterans will be on his mind as he reads the poem.