The young woman killed in a Saskatchewan construction zone last summer still hasn't been laid to rest in her home province of New Brunswick — but it will happen soon.

On Aug. 24, 2012, Ashley Richards of Lakeside, N.B., was on her first week on the job as a flag person on a road construction crew when she was hit by a sport utility vehicle and died.

She was 18.

A spokesperson for the Saskatoon asphalt company that she worked for, HJR Asphalt Partnership, says until recently, some problems and a legal dispute within her family got in the way of releasing her remains from a morgue in Regina.

The company helped Richards' fiancé, Ben Diprose, with some of his legal bills. Now she's going home.

"She was a really well-loved person — kind and generous," Diprose said.

The couple had recently moved to Saskatchewan and had been expecting a child when Richards died on Highway 33 near the town of Midale in the province's southeast.

"It is kind of a relief to know that we're going to be able to give her the respect she deserves and put her to rest and that we helped out in that process," said Andrea Kuntz, a spokewoman for HJR Asphalt Partnership.

Richards' body was expected to arrive in New Brunswick this week. A funeral is planned for next week.

Kuntz said Richards won't be forgotten.

"We need to make sure Ashley's death isn't in vain and that we keep pushing towards better precautions in the construction field and on the highways," Kuntz said.

Richards' death led to changes in Saskatchewan, including increased fines for speeding in orange zones.

The driver of the SUV involved in the accident has been charged with criminal negligence causing death.