Many Saskatchewan motorists use extension cords to get to their cars parked om the street. ((CBC))

Changes could be coming to a Regina bylaw that makes it illegal to run extension cords across sidewalks.

City resident Bob Klassen complained about the law last month after he got a $60 ticket.

Klassen had attached an extension cord to the block heater on his car, which was parked on the street.

Supporters of the law say the issue is safety — having cords on the sidewalk creates a tripping hazard.

But Klassen, whose story has been told in newspapers and on the airwaves in recent weeks, says plugging in is the only way he can keep his vehicle running.

He wants the city to change the bylaw — and it appears he has a shot at succeeding.

Next Monday, Mayor Pat Fiacco and Coun. Mike O'Donnell will bring forward a motion asking the city to review the law, a city official confirmed Tuesday.

It's a welcome development, Klassen said.

"A lot of the times you don't feel like the city listens to you," he said. "But I really felt like Mayor Fiacco took me seriously and, you know, followed up on what he said he was going to do."

The proposed review will look at what other cities are doing.