A Regina woman who has been stalked by a man for more than 30 years says she's worried she may never be free of him and wants the law to change.

Earlier this week, a provincial court judge granted a peace bond requiring Gerald Klein to leave the city for a year.

Klein, who has been imprisoned in the past for the criminal harassment of Cathy Kaip, has three weeks to comply with the order.  

Kaip told CBC Saskatchewan's Morning Edition that the order gives her a reprieve, but in the long term, there may be no peace for her.

"He's always watching," Kaip said. "He'll never quit. For me, it'll never be over."

Kaip is upset it took two years for the Crown to get a one-year peace bond, saying Klein caused delays and essentially used the court system to harass her further.

She would like the federal government to amend the law so peace bonds can be granted for a longer term.

Her experiences with Klein date back to 1974, when she met him at a wedding.

Many years of unwanted phone calls, letters, flowers and gifts followed. Kaip and members of her family were followed and harassed.

"Well, it's very unfair … that a chance meeting at 18 years old has caused this much grief," Kaip said. "My entire adult life I've dealt with this man. Quite frankly I am tired of it. Very, very tired of it."

Kaip said the peace bond means she will finally be able to go anywhere in the city, whereas previously she could be safe only in the section where Klein was not allowed.

She noted, however, that Klein is appealing the ruling and is asking that the condition be lifted while the appeal is being examined.