Lucky back with owner

Lucky was stolen earlier this month, but is now back with its Regina owner. (Facebook)

A once-lost Regina dog has apparently lived up to his name: Lucky.

Lucky's owner says he was stolen from her front yard this weekend, and then returned Tuesday by an alert neighbour. 

Amanda Copeland says she stepped inside to answer her phone on Monday and when she went back out, Lucky was gone.

"It's a worst nightmare for us to lose our animal," Copeland said Tuesday afternoon about her black-and-white Jack Russell-toy Yorkshire terrier cross.

Copeland and her family searched their North Central neighbourhood, started a Facebook group and distributed flyers.

A neighbour told her shortly after Lucky went missing that two women knocked on her door and tried to sell the dog to her.

Copeland said that anecdote made her spring into action.

"They don't care about him. They're just trying to sell him and get rid of him for whatever money they need for their uses. You know, it concerns me," she said. 

Then, Tuesday evening, Lucky caught a lucky break. 

Copeland heard from another neighbour who apparently recognized Lucky from the flyers. 

Copeland says two women knocked on this neighbour's door, so she paid them $50 to keep him, and then returned Lucky to the Copelands' home.