After the city's first homicide of 2016, a Regina woman is calling for action in addressing poverty in Regina's North Central neighbourhood. 

"We have families that are coming in that are having to deal with loved ones that have passed away by crime, or by murder. And that's becoming every day or every weekly thing in our area," said Ivy Kennedy, who runs the Women of Dawn organization in North Central. 

'Why do we have gangs? Because they have a sense of hopelessness.' - Ivy Kennedy, Women of Dawn

Kennedy's plea was sparked by an incident on Saturday, when police say a 26-year-old man on the 700-block of Garnet Street was taken to hospital with injuries and later died. A man and three boys were later charged with second-degree murder.  

Women of Dawn offers counselling and life skills programs to people in high risk lifestyles. 

But issues related to poverty, such as HIV and gangs, are only getting worse in the community, according to Kennedy.

"We need employment for our youth. Why do we have gangs? Because they have a sense of hopelessness," she said. 

Kennedy said politicians and community members need to step up and help change happen. 

"We need a spokesperson that is going to be actively involved with the Aboriginal community and to understand their issues and to feel the hopelessness that they feel, and to realize that we don't want to be dependent on welfare," she said.