Stolen ring skpic

Tara Jijian's husband Jamie died last year. The silver-coloured ring in the foreground was his wedding band. (Tara Jijian/Facebook)

A Regina mother is putting out a plea for her late husband's wedding ring which was stolen from her car earlier this week.

Tara Jijian's husband Jamie died in an accident last year. 

Jijian, who lives in the Normanview area, says the ring is a memento for her family, particularly for a son who's almost four.

They had just returned from a visit to the cemetery this week and forgot the ring in the centre console of their car.

Yesterday, a day that would have been their wedding anniversary, she discovered it had been stolen.

She was shocked and angry at first, but realizes now there's no way the thief could have known how much the ring means to her.

She's gone on Facebook asking the person who took it to give it back.

"If you could please just return it," she said. "You know where you got it from. Drop it in the mailbox. Take it to the police station and tell them you found it. Nobody cares. No questions asked. Just bring the ring back."

Jijian said she's been heartened by the response on social media, particularly all the people who have shared her story. It's made her a little bit optimistic she will get the ring back.

"It's almost at the point where it's impossible that it couldn't be found," she said.