Regina's new mayor, Michael Fougere, says he wants his city more involved when it comes to the planning of new industrial developments in the neighbouring Rural Municipality of Sherwood.

Fougere and members of city council met Wednesday to consider information brought forward by officials at city hall concerning a business that is being proposed for the RM.

The RM is looking favourably at a tire retreading plant proposed to go up near a warehouse area that is is part of the Global Transportation Hub on Regina's western edge.

The retreading plant has caught the attention of a land owner in the area, James Farley, who said he wonders where things are headed.

"More companies are likely to locate in the area," Farley said. "If they are, it'll become sort of a semi-urban development and therefore it should be more comprehensively planned."

Farley's interest in an overall plan was also something Fougere was keen to see.

After the executive committee meeting Fougere told reporters that Regina should promote discussion of development issues.

"Then we can talk about how we service the land," Fougere said. "Because they are relying on us to service water, sewer, fire, for those developments around the city. We would rather see this in a comprehensive coordinated way, not an ad-hoc way."

Fougere added an area plan should be completed before moving forward with development.