A Regina trucking company has closed its doors, leaving its drivers wondering what happened and when they'll get paid.

SynLogistics is one of the province's bigger trucking firms, with about 60 employees.

"For the last three weeks, we didn't get our salary. Just promises, promises and promises. Not more," said Alex Nazim, one of a number of drivers who came from Ukraine over the past two years to work in Saskatchewan.

Nazim said he was told Wednesday the company had shut down. He has received no explanation of what happened.

"For the last two, three weeks we didn't know. We just could guess that the company goes to the dogs," he said.

Until May 26, he had been working for Prudhomme Trucks Ltd., a company that merged with Schneider’s Trucking Ltd. to form SynLogistics.

No one from SynLogistics was available for comment.

On Thursday morning, officials from another trucking company, Yanke, were offering jobs to former SynLogistics truckers.