More people are taking the bus in Regina, and city officials are attributing the upward trend to a growing number of seniors and immigrants in the city.

A city report, made public this week, found that transit ridership was up roughly eight per cent in January, compared to the same time last year.

Nathan Luhning, a spokesman for Regina's transit department, says there are many reasons why more people are taking the bus.

"There's economical reasons — the cost of parking, the cost of fuel," he told CBC News on Monday.

There are also demographic reasons, Luhning said, such as "an increase in seniors and the amount of immigrants to the city."

The report says the city needs to expand its public transit system as more suburban neighbourhoods emerge, such as Harbour Landing.

In a bid to attract more transit riders, the city is now offering bus service on certain statutory holidays, including Remembrance Day, Boxing Day, Family Day and Good Friday.

"If we have more people using our buses, it's less congestion on the road, it's less emissions that are being put into the air for us, [and] less of a burden for taxpayers who are putting money into the transit system," Luhning said.