Say 'cheese' if you ride a bus in Regina.

The city's transit department will be installing cameras on its bus fleet by the end of the year.

There will be eight cameras on each bus, with cameras inside recording both audio and video, and the external cameras recording video only.

Rebecca Best said she doesn't have a problem with riding on a bus equipped with cameras. "It's not just for passenger safety, but for the bus driver's safety as well," Best said. "If this incident ever went to court, there would be some record there for the bus drivers defence."

Conrad Gordon, who rides the bus to work in Regina, said he's riding the fence between security and privacy.

On one hand, Gordon said he's happy the drivers and passengers have evidence if something goes wrong. "Then again, if you're a regular 'Joe' like me just going to work on a fine morning, it just kind of feels like an invasion of privacy," he said.

But Gordon said people shouldn't have to worry about the cameras if they're not doing anything wrong.

The city said it will comply with provincial privacy regulations by strictly controlling how long the recordings are kept, and who can see them.

The recordings will be kept for 10 days and will only be viewed by the manager of operations and training if a problem comes up.

The city maintains the addition of video surveillance is designed for the safety and security of both passengers and transit employees.

The Transit Department said 79 out of 107 buses will have cameras installed by the end of 2013. All new buses purchased in the future will have cameras installed.


Cameras on Regina Transit buses. (Dani Mario/CBC)