Regina Transit has taken 13 city buses off the road after they failed an annual inspection.

The decision comes after public insurer Saskatchewan General Insurance (SGI) examined 24 buses as part of a safety audit.

Seven of the 13 vehicles removed from the road were found to need extensive repairs or could be sent to the scrap yard.

The loss of the buses will not affect transit services, the city said on Monday.

The public was never in any danger, said David Onodera, Regina's director of transit. The buses were purchased by the city as part of a large order in the early '90s.

The vehicles remained on the road because the city's plan to replace or maintain them wasn't sufficient, Onodera said.

"Unfortunately, there wasn't an aggressive enough plan in place to deal with the replacement or refurbishing program for those vehicles," Onodera said.

"That's what's causing us the issue right now primarily."

SGI will continue safety inspections through the end of business on Monday.