People in a Regina apartment building, which was recently sold, are expressing outrage after receiving notices of rent hikes averaging 77 per cent.

The building, at 2221 Robinson St., is now owned by a Calgary-based company, according to residents.


Tenant Donna Kerr says she understands how rents can increase but questions such a large hike all at once. (CBC)

On March 1, notices arrived telling tenants that rents were due to increase with the effective date in September — six months away.

According to the residents, the typical rent for a unit was around $700. For some, the new rent was set at around $1,200.

Residents compared notes and estimate that, on average, rents were going up by about 77 per cent.

"I realize a rent increase is inevitable," Donna Kerr, who has lived in the building for 31 years, told CBC News Monday. "But they didn't have do it $520 in one fell swoop."

For some, the notice of a rent hike may as well have been an eviction notice as they can not afford the higher rent.

The increases, however, fall within what is allowed in Saskatchewan as residents were notified six months in advance.

2221 Robinson St., Regina, sk

Many of the tenants were at a Monday morning meeting where they signed a petition asking the province to enact legislation to protect people from drastic rent hikes.

"We realize that this will probably not save us, for our rent increase," Kerr said. "But maybe down the road it will help someone else."

Another tenant, Darlene Keks, said her increase amounts to an extra $6,240 per year and she will have to move.


With files from CBC's Kent Morrison