Some Regina high school students were allowed to break the law today to learn a life-saving lesson.

About 100 teens were told to text and drive and see how well they performed on an obstacle course on the RCMP training grounds.

The idea is to teach young people that distractions such as smartphones and loud music can have fatal consequences behind the wheel.

Seventeen-year-old BreeTabin gave it a try.

"Holy crap, don't do it," Tabin said. "On the corners it was really hard."

SGI says distracted driving caused more than 6,600 collisions and 60 deaths last year.

A recent SGI report found distracted driving surpassed impaired driving as the number one contributing factor in fatal Saskatchewan crashes.

Sixteen-year-old Dakota Treso said she won't be texting while driving anytime soon.

"I almost hit a couple of pylons there," Treso said. "Looking down for even like two seconds can be pretty dangerous."