Some elementary school students in Regina are learning how to keep the environment a little bit cleaner through oil recycling.

Regina Catholic Schools kicked off the first of three Oil Recycling Days on Friday.

Students recycling oil

Students at St. Matthew School invited the community to drop off used oil products at a booth they set up Friday at the school. The used oil will be recycled at the Co-Op refinery . (CBC)

Students in the St. Matthew School area are collecting used oil, filters and plastic containers, which will be driven to the Co-Op refinery to be recycled. 

 Arkin Kauf, a teacher at the school, said there's a reason the program is in its third year. 

"It's going fantastic so far," he said, noting that last year's program was also a success.

Later, it was reported that more than 275 litres of used oil, and many containers, were successfully diverted to a recycling program.