The office supply giant Staples is set to lay off 200 employees at a Regina call centre.

The company said Wednesday that after careful consideration, it has decided to downsize its Regina operation, which it refers to as a contact centre, in November.

In an email reply to CBC news, company spokesperson Madalina Secareanu said Staples is "working to assist our employees with the transition."

It's believed there are more than 600 employees working for Staples in Regina. The downsizing will affect 200 of those employees. 

Steve McLellan, the CEO of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce,​ says this presents a "real-world" challenge for those affected.

"The task ahead is to find new environments for them to go to work in and, hopefully, that will be the next success we'll be able to celebrate," McLellan said. 

Regina was chosen over three other Canadian cities to become the home of the Staples call centre in October 2000.

The company said at the time that its facility would generate 600 new jobs, with a payroll in the city worth more than $11 million.