Gerald Klein served three years in prison for the criminal harassment of Cathy Kaip. ((File/CBC))

Gerald Klein, the Regina man who has been ordered to stay away from the woman he stalked for more than three decades, returned to court Monday to challenge those orders.

Klein claims he has not been in contact with Cathy Kaip since he was released from prison two and a half years ago. In 2003, Klein was convicted of criminal harassment and sentenced to three years in prison.

After he was released, a peace bond was put in place to restrict Klein from contacting Kaip.

Klein first met Kaip in 1974 and, according to previous court decisions, developed an obsession with the woman.

On Monday Klein, 62, asked the provincial court judge hearing the matter for an adjournment, saying he needed time to make enough money to hire a lawyer.

The judge asked if one month would be sufficient.

"More like four to six months," Klein responded.

The case was put off for two months.