Regina Protest

People in Regina held a rally to in response to a violent clash between police and protesters in New Brunswick. Solidarity protests are taking place across the country. (CBC)

Dozens of people rallied outside the RCMP Depot in Regina Thursday night in support of protesters in New Brunswick. 

A violent clash broke out between police and anti-fracking protesters in Rexton, N.B.after officers moved into their camp to enforce a court injunction. 

Five RCMP vehicles were burned and police said more than 40 people at the camp were arrested Thursday for various offences including firearms offences, uttering threats, intimidation, mischief and for refusing to abide by a court injunction.

Protesters had been camping out in the area in hope of blocking shale gas exploration. 

Fracking is a technique designed to recover gas from shale rock, which some see as controversial due to environmental concerns. 

"It just brings a tear to your eye watching women and kids being like, i don't know, pepper sprayed and gassed and hoses and dogs were there," said Jason Bird the organizer of the rally in Regina. 

"Guns and live- maybe not live ammo- but guns being pointed at a camp," he continued. 

Solidarity protests are taking place across the country, including one planned in Saskatoon Friday morning.