Mark McMorris was all smiles after landing the backside triple cork 1440. ((Transworld Snowboarding))

A Regina snowboarder is tearing up the online world after landing a jump that nobody has done before.

The video of Mark McMorris completing a move called the backside triple cork 1440 is impressing fans all over the world.

The trick consists of three flips and another full spin.

The 17-year-old McMorris landed the jump Mar. 2 at Snowmass, Colo. during a TransWorld Snowboarding shoot.

"It was the first time I ever tried it," McMorris told ESPN. "I was trying back 14 double corks and it just felt possible ... The first one I landed on my feet, but fell over. The second one I got."

Online video of the trick has been wowing fans around the globe, including his friend Justin Bryksa in Regina.

"Everyone's used to hearing about these pro snowboarders coming from some of the biggest mountain resorts in the world," Bryksa said. "Him coming from flat Saskatchewan, no one really knows about it, so it's even more incredible."

McMorris, who is the son of Saskatchewan Health Minister Don McMorris, won a silver medal at the Slopestyle Winter X games earlier this year.