Two Regina sisters who put a message in a bottle and tossed it into the Atlantic ocean while on a cruise in the Bahamas, have united with the man who found it.

After CBC News aired the story on Wednesday, a relative of Rene Spelliscy and Jen Bamford saw it and let them know their message had been found.

Pierre Marmajou, a fisherman in the south of France, came across the message in January and has been trying to find them. 

He sent the letter to officials in the Regina office of Tourism Saskatchewan hoping they would help him.

On Friday Marmajou was met the sisters in a CBC newsroom over the internet using Skype.


A message found in a bottle in the south of France two years after it was sent by two Regina sisters. (CBC)

Marmajou told the women to look up the town where he lives to see how far the bottle travelled.

"Its a lot of kilometres and it's a little bottle," he told them. "It was difficult to find you because a lot of parts of the message were destroyed."

Spelliscy and Bamford had dropped the bottle into the waters off the Bahamas in 2010.

They included an email address and phone number, but portions of the note had been wiped off during its 7,000-kilometre journey across the Atlantic ocean.

"It was all tattered, but it was my writing," said Spelliscy. "I was so excited."

Marmajou said he understood the excitement the women felt because he had tossed a message in a bottle himself about 20 years ago. 

He said it was found by someone in the Azores islands.

The sisters said they will be framing the recovered note and hanging it up in their home.