A religious group in Regina is getting a lot of attention for a Christmas billboard they've put up. 

The sign by the Sikh Society of Regina reads "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year". It is located outside their temple on Princess Street.

Former president of the Sikh Society Kuldip Singh Sahota said his community is happy to embrace all religions and festivals.

Regina Sikh Society holiday sign gets a lot of positive attention0:59

"When you say Merry Christmas you wish the other person peace, love and prosperity," he said. "And that's what we want to tell the people."

Sahota said they've had a positive response to the sign so far. 

He added that they hope it helps build the community relationship between the Sikh Society and their neighbours.

Sikh Society of Regina billboard

The Sikh Society of Regina put up a billboard outside their temple wishing people a Merry Christmas. (CBC)