With the water expected to rise this weekend, the City of Regina is sending out notices to people living along Wascana Creek to be prepared to move.

On Friday, the city said it had sent letters to 340 homeowners outlining flood evacuation plans.

According to the city, the possibility the creek will flood its banks is "extremely small," but people should be prepared just in case.

People are being advised to pack an "evacuation kit" containing clothes, medication, cash and credit cards, keys, cell phones, and other items.

Wascana Creek is expected to crest in the next 10 days. (CBC)

They're also being told to move valuables such as photographs and computers to higher ground.

Jay O'Connor, the city's emergency management co-ordinator, said the letters are simply a precaution, and anyone who got one should not be alarmed.

"Our worse-case scenario flows are coming down gradually and that's great, but we … continue to make sure that we're prepared for whatever could possibly happen," he said.

The city has put up sandbags and dikes along the creek in a number of spots, including west of the Albert Street Bridge.

"We looked at the what-if scenario," O'Connor said. "What if a dike were to fail or if a sandbag were to fail for some reason?"

Officials said they expect the creek to crest in seven to 10 days.

The city is projecting the water flow to be more than it was two years ago when Rotary Park was badly flooded — but not as bad as the great flood of 1974.