Water and sewer rates are going up in Saskatchewan's two biggest cities.

Last month, Saskatoon city council approved three years of water and sewer rate increases that will see rates going up 7.5 per cent each year.

This week, the City of Regina reminded ratepayers that their water and sewer rates will be going up, too — by 9 per cent.

The change means that for most residential properties in Regina, the basic water service has gone up to $14.64 per month, sewer service has been increased to $11.29 per month, and the storm drainage rate has risen to $9.76 per month.

Consumption rates in Regina have gone up, too. For water, the rate is now $1.14 per cubic metre. For sewage, the new rate is $1.01 per cubic metre.

Regina city council approved the changes in 2007. The city's three-year plan called for 9 per cent increases for each of the three years.