Souls Harbour Rescue mission in Regina is trying to raise $30,000 to help fix two of its buildings after heavy rains caused extensive sewage damage.

One of the buildings houses a daycare and offers youth programming, while the other provides a one-year addictions program where women live with their children, as well as an emergency shelter for women.

The downpour happened on June 20, causing the sewer line to be overwhelmed by water, bursting a pipe and pushing sewage to backup.

Last week, officials assessed the damage, determining it would cost up to $30,000 to fix.

There were four women and five children at the facility when the water came pouring in. They are now staying in a hotel.

The shelter has been forced to close temporarily due to the damage.

Rebecca Cochrane works at Souls Harbour and said it was difficult turning a woman away on Friday.

"She had a heartbreaking story of what had happened and why she was in need of a place that night, and she'd walked from downtown all the way here, and then, only for me to tell her, 'I'm sorry. You're going to have to walk back,'" said Cochrane.