Regina's Novia Cafe at 2158 12th Ave has been serving up breakfast for more than 90 years.

With downtown construction scaring away business, Regina's oldest restaurant may have to close its doors.

The Novia Cafe at 2158 12th Avenue has been serving up breakfast for 92 years. It's also been featured in movies and television series.

It's located on the edge of a major road construction zone and these days its sign is barely visible behind a blue fence blocking parts of the street.

Chris Plumb, who has owned the Novia for nearly five years, says he is for progress and is glad the road and park upgrade is happening — but not if it kills his business.

The City Square project includes an overhaul of Victoria Park and surrounding streets that's designed to make 12th Avenue a more welcoming place for pedestrians.

"I'm glad that the city is doing something, and I was excited about it at first," Plumb said. "The biggest thing for me was that I just wanted them to make sure that my customers could still get to the Novia easily."

However, that hasn't been happening, he said.

"It's been like a ghost town down here," Plumb said. "It's empty, there is nothing going on down here."

Business has been cut by 40 per cent and Plumb has had to lay off three people.

City Square project manager Denise Donahue said the City of Regina has been aware of the Novia's situation and has tried to do what it can to help it through the renovation.

"We demanded access to the Novia," she said.

"The way that the fences were positioned throughout the whole thing was to maximize the amount of access to the business along 12th Avenue. It's our oldest restaurant, it's a beautiful place. You know, they make a good burger."

The fences will come down in the fall, and go back up in spring.

Employees have been postering downtown reminding passers by, that the grill is still on.