People in rural areas who are connected to Regina's water system are criticizing the city for making moves on rates without consulting them.

"I think they have a responsibility to talk to people," Howard Leeson, president of the Wascana Water Co-operative, told CBC News one day after Regina officials unveiled a plan to hike water connection rates.

The plan has been in the works at city hall since at least November of 2012, but Leeson says no consultations have taken place with people who may be affected by the plan.

The Wascana Water Co-operative connects area farmers to the pipeline that runs from the Buffalo Pound water reservoir to Regina.

Leeson says that since the Buffalo Pound water is used by an entire region, changes should involve everyone in the area.

"We've had no consultative measure for rate changes, or other things of that nature," Leeson said.

He added that one idea that should be explored is the creation, by the province, of a regional water authority.

With files from CBC's Tiffany Cassidy