Regina's Chinatown district comprises just a few blocks of 11th Avenue, east of the city's downtown area in the Heritage neighbourhood. The street signs in the district include Chinese characters. In the last two years, one block along 11th Avenue has seen six new businesses open. The new business owners came to Canada from China through Saskatchewan's immigrant entrepreneur program. 

The program was very popular, especially among people from China. Ninety-five per cent of the people who come to the province through the program are from China. The program stopped accepting applications in 2014. At that time there were 3,000 people on a waiting list.

Now, the province says it plans to reopen the program, although with some major changes. 

For one thing, the program will have a new — higher — minimum investment requirement. It is currently set at $150,000. The program will also offer a variety of supports for the new business owners, to give them a better chance of being successful.