The bodies of three homicide victims were at this townhouse on Aug. 6. ((CBC))

Hundreds of people gathered in Regina on the weekend to remember a family of Burmese refugees killed in a triple homicide in the city last month.

The bodies of Gray Nay Htoo, 31, Maw Maw, 28, and their three-year-old son Seven June were found August 6 in their home at 23 Oakview Drive.

The weekend memorial service at First Baptist Church was organized to pay tribute to the immigrant family, whose deaths are being described by police as a multiple homicide.

Regina police chief Troy Hagen has said investigators are not linking the deaths to the family's ethnic background.

'I was really scared. And the community also feels the same thing' —Family friend

Despite that, members of Regina's immigrant Burmese community say they are frightened. A family friend who requested anonymity over concerns about her own safety, said the slayings have left people feeling frightened.

"After this case happened, we are always careful," she said. "I was so scared to make sure the person I open the door for has to be the person I really know. And I was really scared. And the community also feels the same thing."

Church member Wayne Wyatt helped organize the public memorial, describing it as a step towards closure. He said police seem to be working hard to solve the case but until it is solve there is not closure and there is fear. He said people have been sleeping at other people's homes and are afraid to answer their doors.

"The worst thing that can happen is this becomes a cold case," said Wyatt "They've interviewed over 100 people, they've spent over $100,000. They are doing their best. But for true closure to occur, justice must be served."