Friday marks the tenth anniversary of Regina's "Big Dig": the earth-moving project meant to deepen Wascana Lake.

After letting the water out, crews excavated over one million cubic metres of muck from Wascana Lake. Work started on Jan. 6, 2004 and wrapped up on March 21.

When the project was first pitched it was reportedly going to cost $3 million although other estimates suggested it could cost as much as $12 million. When it was completed, the project cost $18 million.

The excavation was done by Broda Construction of Prince Albert

Here are three interesting facts about the project:

  • Earth removed: 1.3 million cubic metres.
  • Trips by the trucks: about 96,000.
  • Average lake depth increased from 1.6 metres to 5.5 metres (and more in some spots).

Here are links to some of the stories CBC News prepared about the project.

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The grounds around the lake are popular with locals who enjoy the pathways and green space.