Road conditions in the Regina area have been treacherous Sunday morning, due to freezing rain that has made many road surfaces very slippery.

The freezing rain appears to have been concentrated in Regina and south of the city, covering roads with sheets of ice.

As of 11 a.m. CST, major roads in the city are improving because of the weather and sanding trucks, although secondary roads and sidewalks are still hazardous.

Travel advisories have been lifted from most highways around Regina, according to Saskatchewan's Highway Hotline.

The Highway Hotline, RCMP and Regina police have all said travel was not recommended in the Regina area, especially in the Ring Road area, and on highways leading out of the city.

"Ring Road is extremely dangerous. So we're asking motorists to, if at all possible, avoid Ring Road," Regina police Staff Sgt. Evan Bray told CBC News early Sunday morning.

"We've made a call to city crews to help us out with sanding. Until that time, or at least until things warm up, we ask people to drive with extreme caution."

Another Regina police officer suggested against driving at all on Sunday, unless it's absolutely necessary.

Semis off road

The CBC's Chris Lane says he counted at least six semi-trailers off the road on the interchange with Highway 1 and Albert Street on Sunday morning, including a sanding truck that was flipped onto its side. A police car responding to the scene also slid off the road.

Police have shut down the on-ramp from Albert to the highway. It appears to remain impassable late Sunday morning because of all the vehicles that have slid around there.

Ring Road between Arcola Avenue and Assiniboine Avenue was also closed for part of the morning, because a number of semis had slid off the road or gotten stuck on the off-ramp, but it has since re-opened to traffic.

The Arthritis Society's annual Jingle Bell Walk and Run was cancelled on Sunday morning due to the icy conditions, although organizers say the breakfast and other events are still happening.

Road conditions started improving in the Weyburn area late Sunday morning, prompting Highway Hotline to remove a warning against travel in that area, but icy sections remain on the road.

Other parts of Saskatchewan that received freezing rain, including Saskatoon and the Battlefords, do not seem quite as severe, as there are no travel advisories issued for those areas.

Regina police say they have responded to at least 16 vehicle crashes since 6 a.m., but that number only reflects reportable accidents.

Drivers have said they've seen dozens of vehicles sliding off major roads.

Police say they are thankful the icy conditions are happening on a Sunday and not on a Monday, when there would be more commuters trying to drive to work.