Restaurants Canada surveyed 400 chefs to identify current dining trends. (Lee Jae Won/Reuters)

From special poutines to non-traditional greens, like kale, restaurant owners in Regina are keeping watch on current trends.   

Restaurants Canada, an industry organization, recently surveyed 400 chefs to identify current trends in dining rooms.

The survey looked at food items and methods of preparation, among other things.

The top 5 'Hot Trends' are:

  1. Gluten-free/food allergy conscious menus.
  2. Quinoa (a type of grain).
  3. Locally sourced foods. (also called 'Locavore').
  4. Leafy greens (such as kale, Swiss chard, dandelion).
  5. Craft beer/microbrews.

The survey also found that many menus are featuring "comfort foods" such as meatloaf and chicken pot pie.

In Regina, the restaurant La Bodega includes a version of macaroni and cheese on its menu.

The survey also identified an up and coming trend: game birds. The Willows restaurant is on that, with an offering of smoked duck.

The city also features a gluten-free bakery, Kneaded and the restaurant Table 10 offers a completely gluten-free menu as does the Lancaster Tap House in Harbour Landing.

Another trend, pickled vegetables, was noted as being well-represented on the menu of the downtown Regina restaurant Flip Eatery.