Maria Kolitsas Lang

Maria Kolitsas Lang, of Golf's restaurant, hopes to find a couple who did not pay their food bill. (CBC)

A restaurant in Regina is taking to social media to expose a couple of suspected dine and dashers.

Golf's Steakhouse has posted photos on Facebook and Twitter of two people who enjoyed a meal and left without paying.

"If we have continuing of people doing that kind of stuff, it's just going to increase the cost of doing business," Golf's owner Maria Kolitsas Lang, said. "So you can't keep your business at reasonable prices, you can't offer what you offer."

Within 24 hours of the photos being published they had been viewed 140,000 times.

"It allows other businesses to know that these people are out there," Kolitsas Lang said. "People can put a picture of them up in the restaurant, to let their servers know that hey, if you see these people, be careful. They might dine and dash because they've done it in the past."

Another Regina restaurant owner, Adam Sperling of La Bodega, appreciates the heads up. La Bodega has also used social media, Twitter, to share news on a dine and dash with other businesses.

"The server ends up losing the tips. We've paid the server's labour, we've paid for the food, we've paid for
the alcohol. We've paid all the expenses of running the business. And that's a total write off," Sperling said about the costs of a dine and dash.

Kolitsas Lang said if the accused couple fess up, she is open to having them make good on the bill.

"The old way of washing the dishes to cover your meal," she said. "I'm sure can come to some sort of agreement."

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